What do I need to run Shoot Pro Cloud?

One of the benefits of using the latest technologies is that Shoot Pro Cloud can run on almost any device with a web browser and a high-speed internet connection (25 Mbps minimum). Shoot Pro Cloud can even run on a smartphone, if necessary1. To print reports, a laser printer is recommended due to speed and extended shelf life of toner cartridges vs. ink jet cartridges.

  • High Speed Internet Service
    • 100+ Mbps recommended
    • 25 Mbps minimum
    • Dedicated - not shared with the public
  • Modern devices with web browsers
    • Chromebook
    • PC/Mac
    • iPad/Tablets
    • Chrome, Edge, or Safari
  • Printers
    • Laser printers are suggested.

1 not recommended. Most screens have been designed for a 10" tablet, such as an iPad.

My club does not have internet. What are my choices?

If your club does not have internet, there is no time like the present to “connect.” Within the last 5 years, the number of options available to rural customers have expanded rapidly.

FCC ISP Lookup

The FCC has a tool that allows you to see the internet providers in your area at Enter your address and the download speeds available. We highly suggest you start your search for an internet service provider here.

Cable or DSL

Cable and DSL are the most common internet solutions out there, with providers such as Xfinity, Spectrum, Century Link, Frontier, and Time Warner. Look up who your local internet service providers are, and see who has service in your area. If none of them do, no need to worry. There are many other solutions for rural customers.


Sattellite internet is one of the fastest growing internet solutions in the world today, with companies like StarLink already offering consumer service, with others like BlueOrigin and Facebook, having plans to or are beginning to launch service.

  • StarLink

    • We suggest StarLink for the price/performance that is offered. Typically there is a one time fee for the equipment, and a ~$100/month fee for service. With an average throughput of 114 Mbps, and no data-caps or throttling it is the best satellite solution on the market today.
  • ViaSat

    • If StarLink is not available in your area you may consider looking into ViaSat, they offer slower speeds than StarLink, and have datacaps.
  • HughesNet

    • HughesNet is another solution that is available anywhere in the world. We only suggest it if you cannot access a LTE/5G provider. This is because HughesNet has datacaps before your service is throttled to an almost unusable point (1-3 Mbps).


LTE/5G internet solutions use the same technologies as your phone, except with higher throughput modems. This allows you to have a wireless internet solution anywhere there is cellular signal. Unlike with Satellite internet, LTE and 5G internet allows you to move from location to location without experiencing interruptions. Equipment is often purchased separately from the data plans, and the data plans often have datacaps, but they are much higher than the data caps of some Satellite providers. Do not use cellular boosters, they only work for voice.

Why not use a hotspot?

Hotspots are great for short periods of wireless internet usage. However, they are not good for prolonged usage. They run off of a battery even when plugged in, which means that they inherently have to use low power modems. This causes slower download speeds, and gives them worse range. Leading to poor signal, and performance. Since they are compact, they also often have poor ventilation, leading to overheating, which causes the device to throttle itself, and reduce download speeds. Because this hotspots are not recommended for long term use, but are a great backup solution.

Available Services and Bundles

  • Verizon Home Internet
    • Verizon has the easiest and most affordable internet solutions. Starting at $60/month for unlimited data. Assuming that you have good service already with Verizon in the clubhouse, then this is an excellent option. If they are not available do not worry! There are many other solutions available.
  • T-Mobile Home Internet
    • T-Mobile has their own home internet solution. It is a flat rate of $50/month, however availability is limited in comparison to Verizon. Contact them prior to purchasing to see if it would be a good fit for your club.
  • UnlimitedVille
    • We suggest UnlimitedVille to anyone who wants a plug and play solution. You pick one of their three plans (blue/AT&T, pink/T-Mobile, red/Verizon) based off of what carrier has the best reception in your area, if you aren’t sure what plan is right for you you can have them recommend a plan for you. When you receive the unit in the mail, plug it in, and follow the setup directions. Now you have highspeed internet. Speeds average about 80Mbps, they have a 100% refund policy, and you get truly unlimited data, with not throttling. If you are inside of a metal building, or a building that interferes with your existing cellphone, we would suggest looking at the next solution or Satellite.
  • Mobile Must Have
    • This company is a hardware seller, who sells the equipment needed for LTE/5G networks. The sell bundles of equipment designed for RVs, but can be used for home/office installations as well. They also are a reseller of internet service from AT&T and Verizon. They have tons of videos and guides explaining mobile internet, and is a fantastic resource to learn about LTE/5G internet and how to install your kit.
      • Full Time Bundle
        • This is a great package for the price, it has a LTE/5G antenna, with the lowest installation overhead, and the easiest setup of any package they offer. The antenna also has the best reception of any bundle they offer, which makes this a great option when you are further away from the cell tower. Requires a dataplan (see below)
      • Essentials Bundle
        • This is the most affordable package they offer. It has a single LTE antenna Requires a dataplan (see below)
      • Plans
        • B300
          • 300GB of data per month on AT&T ($150/month + $50 for the first month)
        • Canary 800
          • 800GB of data per month ($120/month + $80 for the first month)
  • RV Mobile Internet
    • This is the best solution for more technologically adept users, with more options, guides and configuration choices

How do I register for Shoot Pro Cloud?

  1. From the homepage of the club mangement portal, scroll to the bottom
  2. Click on register image-1634780432848.png
  3. Fill out the registration form
  4. Read and Accept the privacy policy
  5. Click submit
  6. You have now requested to become a Shoot Pro Cloud member. It can take up to 48 hours to process your request
  7. image-1634780457486.png

How do I set up a tournament?

First, prepare the shoot program in .pdf format. The following details are examples of information necessary to set up a shoot.
  • General Shoot Information: shoot name, dates,

  • General Event Information: event name/date

  • Specific Shoot Information: daily fees (ata, state, local), shooter categories

  • Specific Event Information: target price per event, options available and price, how options will be run

Second, use the shoot program to complete the Shoot Enrollment Form. Allow at least 7 days lead time. Submit the Shoot Enrollment Form from the shoot enrollment form on the club dashboard. An email confirmation of receipt will be sent containing the date of creation of your shoot.

Third, compare your shoot program to the shoot created on Shoot Pro Cloud.

Fourth, enjoy the features of running a shoot with the latest in shooting management technologies!

What does Shoot Pro Cloud Cost?

ShootPro Cloud charges a $3.00 daily technology fee for each shooter. Plus a setup fee. Except for big 50s which have a $1.50 daily technology fee for each shooter.

Setup Fees

$35.00 for a new tournament

$20.00 for a revised copy of a previously created tournament

Free for template shoots (big 50’s, etc)

Is it easy to learn?

Yes, we believe it is significantly easier to learn and operate than 3S Shoot Pro. We are building a library of video training modules with more than a dozen already created and ready to view. Classifiers, Cashiers, and others can train and practice in the comfort of their homes.

Where can I see your video training materials?

We have a YouTube channel with video training material software available here

We are also working on written guides at

What options are supported?

Options Supported

Standard options for use with 50, 100, and 200 target events

  • Lewis
  • Modified Lewis
  • Hall of Fame Lewis
  • Great Eastern / 6 Way
  • 9 Way
  • 10 Way
  • Jackpot
  • Class Purse
  • Yardage Purse
  • 25s
  • 50s (front+back and front+middle+back)
  • Perfect/Perpetual 50s (3 and 6 purses)

Multiple Event Options

Run an option using the scores from multiple events.

  • Lewis
  • Hall of fame lewis
  • Jackpot
  • Class Purse
  • Yardage Purse

Added Money

Added money calculators

  • Jackpot
  • Class Purse
  • Yardage Purse
  • Lewis
  • Trophy Money1

Not only can we run the options/added money options above, but we also have a custom payoff utility that allows you to specify a payoff manually.

1 Using the shoot-offs module

How long is data stored on Shoot Pro Cloud?

We do not delete any shoot records stored on Shoot Pro Cloud. However, voided documents within the document binder may be removed after 1 year.

Shoot Pro Cloud Comparison Chart

**Shoot Pro Cloud****Comparison Topic****3S**
Easily cashier your own shootsCashieringMust hire cashier with 3S experience
On demand, 24/7/365, Direct line availableSupport - Day to DayEmail to request support; wait time 1- 2 days minimum
Annotated checklists provided identifying each step in Tournament Prep, Event Begin, Event End, Tournament EndSupport - Shoot Date(s)Annotated checklists not available
Point and Click within programSpecial Features - ShootoffsMust export to determine winners
Point and Click within programSpecial Features - Posting Trophy MoniesOnly experienced 3S user can perform since multi-step process
Video Library available at youtube.comTrainingTypically passed down from one experienced 3S user to another
$35 setup fee; shoot program reviewed by trained staffSetupExperienced 3S user must setup shoot
Classification is pre-populated and current; classifer reviews and confirms recommendationsClassificationUpload of PC Master required by experienced 3S user
Point and clickSquaddingMulti-step process
Only available posts within allowed yardages are displayed for point and clickSquadding - HandicapExperienced squadder must look for available posts based upon yardage
Unlimited; use of any computers/phones/table with internet accessUse of Multiple ComputersDepends upon licensing; program must be installed on each computer and networked by experienced staff
Included with setup feeConfiguring OptionsMust be performed by experienced 3S user
Point and Click; available options include Lewis, Modified Lewis, Percentage Purse, Jackpot Purse; Perpetual Purse; 25s, 50s, etc.Running OptionsMust be setup and performed by experienced 3S user; Modified Lewis not available
Point and Click with discounted fees available by eventCashieringMust be performed by experienced 3S user with discounted fees available by category
Contains line-by-line itemized detail of all transactionsShooter ReceiptGeneric
Single ClickATA/PITA ReportingMust be performed by experienced 3S user
Easy to read detailed reports ready for postingReportingNA
Electronic Document Binder imbedded for accessing all shoot related documentsNA
Double sided score sheet supportNA
Rolling Scoreboard provides real-time score reportingScoresMust be exported
Determining Earned Yardage is point and click with automatic link to shooter's nameMust be performed by experienced 3S user
$3 per day per shooter plus setup fee; no setup fee for Big 50s with single lewis option plus $1.50 per day per shooterCostDepends upon licensing
Shooter App Coming SoonIn DevelopmentNA